In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Integrative Medicine US attended and supported the 8th Annual, Not My Daughter Fundraiser.

All Proceeds from the event go to the Sylvester Campus University of Miami Oncology Department for Research on finding a cure for Breast Cancer.

The Event was huge success with over 520 attendees, 50 + Vendors, a DJ, Dance Performances, Guest Speakers and even a personalized video message from rapper and reality television star, Vanilla Ice, showing his support for the event.

Acupuncture for Breast Cancer Awareness

Integrative Medicine Breast Cancer Acupuncture HerbsTraditional Chinese Medicine for Breast Cancer has long been known to have a positive effect. It’s often used to treat all types of Cancer and Women’s issues, as well as being great for preventative care.

In China, there is decades of laboratory research on these topics and thousands of years of clinical experience in dealing with these matters. Today, it is common to see Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture prescribed in the Oncology Departments of Major Chinese Hospitals. While some of these treatments may be banned  in the United States of America due to politics, FDA approval and sheer greed on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, there are still plenty of alternative medicine and complimentary treatments that can help tremendously.

* NOTE – We are not suggesting you disregard your Doctors orders or discontinue conventional treatment. We are suggesting you keep an open mind to the possibility of getting better results by combining a Holistic approach with your regular course of treatment.

Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Breast Cancer :

  1. Reducing Tumor Size
  2. Preventing Re-occurrence
  3. Prevention through addressing any excess heat or deficiencies in the body
  4. Reducing the Symptoms and Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation
  5. Boosting the Immune System

Besides just Chinese Medicine for Breast Cancer, integrative Medicine US utilizes the latest Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition practices. We use lab results and recent blood work to look for any patterns and abnormalities that must Physicians are not trained to spot. In addition, we recommend taking our Tai Chin, Qi Gong and Meditation classes to help calm your body, mind and spirit. A relaxed, healthy attitude can go a long way towards recovery.

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Not My Daughter Alternative Medicine for Cancer

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