Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine uses thousands of substances in it’s Herbology practice.

It can literally be anything from grass and flowers to earthworms or even gold.

The Hemp plant has a long history of use in China as Herbal Medicine for many types of medicinal purposes. It’s common in Herbal Medicine to use different parts of the plant for different purposes. This should be apparent as CBD product sales and research have exploded in recent years.

In Chinese Medicine, the seeds, root, stems and flowers are considered to have different actions, indications, temperatures, flavors, and channels/organs of entry. The function can be similar or they can be exact opposites.

Hemp Seed, known as “Huo Ma Ren” in China, has some very useful physiological actions.

  • In the West, we know it to be healthy and high in protein.
  • In the East, it’s generally placed in the category of Mild Laxatives and is therefore safe to use for children and elderly, as well as long term use.

Ma Zi Ren Wan” is a famous Chinese Herbal Formula for mild cases of constipation and is often prescribed as the go to formula. It’s main ingredient? You guessed it, Hemp Seed!

In Chinese Herbal Medicine, we use Hemp Seed to Moisten the Intestines and Move the Bowels.

Hemp Seeds Chinese Herbal Medicine Natural

Nutrition & Diet – Hemp Seeds Herbal Medicine

The taste is Sweet and the temperature is Neutral. It’s mostly used for deficiency type of constipation and those who feel dry. If you have loose stools, you are better off avoiding this as a food and seek other choices. Do not eat the raw seed as they can be toxic. That’s why most hemp seeds you see in health food stores are shelled or processed.

As with any medicine, it should be taken in moderation and with caution.  Unless you have a serious problem, a small dose of 2-3 grams per day should be sufficient.

Sprinkle some Hemp Seeds on a Salad, in Yogurt, a Smoothie, Oatmeal or Cereal to add some taste and wonderful health benefits to your meal.

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