Lauren Seiderman AP, DOM

Plantation Acupuncture Physician & Diplomate of Oriental Medicine
Plantation Acupuncture Dr Lauren Seiderman

Plantation Acupuncture Dr Lauren Seiderman

Lauren Seiderman Fields AP, DOM

is an Acupuncture Physician + Diplomate of Oriental Medicine born and raised in Plantation, Florida.

As a teenager, she struggled with constant headaches, painful menstruation, cysts, fibroids, anemia, constipation and crippling anxiety. After doctors failed to deliver any relief, her Aunt, a medical massage educator, brought her to an acupuncturist who helped her overcome these issues. She’s now happily married with a regular cycle and young child at home. Her greatest pleasure in life is helping others relieve their pain and suffering.

  • DAOM Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Candidate, Masters of Oriental Medicine and Bachelors of Health Science

  • Food Therapy Chef and graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Culinary Arts

  • NCCAOM National Board Certified in Acupuncture, Herbology, Bio-Medicine and the Foundations of Chinese Medicine

  • Trained in the United States and in China at the legendary Shaolin Temple and Beijing Gu Lou Hospital founded by descendants of imperial doctors.

  • Background in Functional Medicine with Certifications in the Fundamentals of Blood Chemistry and Mastering the Thyroid

  • Injection Therapy Certification for Homeopathy, Vitamins and Chinese Herbs

  • Co-Founder of “Journey through the Chakras” Event Series. For more info, click here.

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