Integrative Medicine US was invited to an event in Davie, FL to speak and educate the public about Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Functional Nutrition. In addition, they had demonstrations and showcased information at their table about cupping therapy, scraping, electric stimulation and other modalities used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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The event was hosted by Prime Wellness, a division of Spine & Wellness Centers of America.

The focus of the event was alternative medicine and how it can be used to help solve the current American Opiod epidemic.

Prime Wellness is committed to trying natural medicine treatments first such as cannabis, CBD, herbal medicine, integrative nutrition, vitamins, supplements, injection therapy, chiropractic and other modalities such as acupuncture that do not call for the use of dangerous prescription drugs.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans and their family members are affected every year by addictive pharmaceuticals that are often over prescribed by Doctors who are just trying to help their patients deal with high levels of pain.

Since the mission and goals of Integrative Medicine US fall directly inline with the directive of Prime Wellness, it was perfect fit for them to have a table at the event. In addition, our Florida Acupuncturists will be practicing in the future at Spine & Wellness Centers of America.

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