We are OPEN for Acupuncture and seeing patients for Telehealth appointments. Most Insurance Accepted.

We have taken the following extraordinary precautions to safeguard our clinic and our most valuable assets, our patients.

  • We have upgraded the facility with a number of air purification systems. Every room has a purifier with medical grade Hepa 13 filters, carbon & pre-filters, negative ions/anions and UV light. In addition, the rooms also have ozone generators. Negative ions and ozone not only clean the air, but they are also proven to sanitize surfaces.
  • The clinicians will be wearing N-95 masks, gloves and eye protection.
  • We have increased the concentration of our disinfectant solutions and the rooms will be left open longer in between visits to let the air purifiers sanitize all the surfaces and the air.
  • For the time being, all patients will be required to wear a mask to their visit.
  • We ask you do not bring anyone with you to the visit unless absolutely necessary. No children or significant others unless you can’t manage on your own. Anyone accompanying you must wear a mask as well.
  • All patients will have their temperature checked at the door with a contactless thermometer. If you have a fever, you will have to reschedule at least 2 weeks out.
  • If you have or have had any symptoms of a cold or flu, been in contact or close proximity to anyone that is sick, or have recently traveled, you will have to schedule at least 2 weeks out.
  • No one will be allowed in the waiting rooms. Upon arrival, please call or text and stay in your car until we call you to come in.
  • The vitamin store, Nutrition Direct, is open for shipping and curbside pick up only. No one is allowed in to shop around. Patients will have their products brought to them.

If you would just like a functional medicine and herbal consult, we can arrange for a telehealth appointment. Based on your symptoms, a comprehensive list of questions and review of your blood work, we can still treat chronic and acute conditions using supplementation, herbs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

We can ship directly to you, curbside pick up is available at the shop and the clinic is open for in house acupuncture treatments as well.  Insurance may still cover your treatments and telemed appointments, so be sure to contact us to check or call us at 954.884.0099



In the beginning, there was some skepticism as to whether this was a real threat. So we wrote the following to explain:

People want to compare this to the flu. Fine, lets do it.


  • Last Flu season had a fatality rate in the US of about 0.1%
  • Current estimate on Covid-19 in the US is about 1-2%
  • Last Flu season killed 34,000 Americans (with a vaccine & treatments in existence)
  • If Covid-19 affects the same amount of people, approx 500,000 Americans will die.
    However, there is no vaccine and its MUCH more contagious.
  • Estimates are about 2-4 Million Americans deaths if we do nothing.
  • Flu has a 1-4 day incubation period and you can’t transmit until you have symptoms.
  • Covid-19, you can transmit for up to 14 days or longer with ZERO symptoms.
    It also survives in the air and on surfaces for much longer.
  • Because of the slow progression, slow transmission and fast recovery of the flu, our hospitals can handle it.
  • Covid-19 progresses much faster, transmits much faster and the recovery is twice as long. When the hospitals are over burdened, this means many more deaths from mild/moderate cases that may have been prevented.

    Basically, our hospitals will make Italy look like Disney World if we don’t slow this down now.

  • Flu complications include: Bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, sinus infections and worsening of chronic medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, asthma, or diabetes.
  • Covid-19 complications include: All that + rapid multiple organ failure and possible permanent damage to organs.

To put this into perspective, the flu kills 1 in 1000 people.
With Covid-19, 98-99% of Americans will be just fine, yet 1 or 2 of every 100 people you know will be dead.

It’s not a joke and we haven’t even began to feel the affects yet…

Because of these harrowing statistics and an order from the Governor, we have unfortunately had to temporarily stop seeing patients at our practice.


PLEASE Stay home… Do not go to work. Do not visit your friends or family. This is not the flu and its not just older folks. No need to panic, but we need to stay home.

Unless you need food, do not leave your home. This thing is airborne. It can stay in the air for up to 3 hours and its being transmitted by people with NO symptoms.

Exposed medical workers have been ordered to keep working. You do not go to the hospital unless its an absolute emergency. If you have a cough or don’t feel well, also stay home. Unless you are having trouble breathing and feel like you are dying, do not go to the hospital.

If you have to leave the house for groceries, I recommend wearing a mask, gloves and goggles. Disinfect everything when you get home and put your clothes into the wash immediately and be careful not to touch anything and shower right after. It can live on surfaces for days. We should have shut down the whole country weeks ago or at least any area that had infections. Washing your hands and not touching your face is good advice, but it will not keep you from getting infected if you are around people. Breathing is the mode of transmission. Being outside in nature and away from people is fine and perfectly safe.

If you are out now, and it’s not a necessity, you are killing us. This is the calm before the storm and your last chance to do something about it.

It’s going to be difficult on all of us, some more than others, but we no longer have a choice.

Be smart, be safe! We will get through this but it’s going to require time and distance. It’s not going to be fun, it’s not going to be comfortable, but we will endure. I am positive we will get through this and optimistic to return to life is normal as quickly as possible. Love and blessings to all..



Fyi – I’ve NEVER worried about flu or getting sick. This thing is not our average seasonal bug.



Article was written by Acupuncturist Jonathan M. Fields of Acupuncture Coral Springs.

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