Have you tried everything else? Acupuncture for Back Pain is proven to work.

Is back pain ruining your life? Tired of taking pills and supplements? Then you might want to try acupuncture for back pain! This healing practice helps relieve back pain and other body aches, restores your mobility, and promotes bone health. It also reduces the perception of pain by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Most people feel better after just one or two sessions. The benefits of acupuncture for low back pain are backed up by science.

Back Pain at a Glance

Statistics indicate that over 31 million people in the U.S. experience back pain at any given time. The number of Americans struggling with back problems has increased from 29.5 percent to 33.7 percent between 1997 and 2013. Prolonged sitting, long work hours, and lack of exercise are common causes of lower back pain. This condition may affect your sleep, work productivity, and quality of life.

About 58 percent of those suffering from back pain take prescription drugs. Another 54 percent turn to chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, medications only work on short term and carry potential side effects. Acupuncture, on the hand, provides both immediate and long-term relief and can be safely used on people of all ages. During a typical session, the acupuncturist will insert fine needles into specific points on the body to release muscle tension and ease pain.

The Surprising Benefits of Acupuncture for Low Back Pain

A study conducted on over 18,000 subjects has found that acupuncture relieved back pain by up to 50 percent. This centuries-old practice alleviates pain and discomfort by affecting neurotransmitters, immune function, and hormone levels. Additionally, it has none of the side effects caused by pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The use of acupuncture for back pain has increased dramatically over the past decades. Studies revealed major differences between acupuncture and placebo subjects after receiving treatment. This form of therapy has been shown to increase pain threshold and elicit positive responses. Most people are able to resume their daily activities, return to work, and exercise after just a few sessions.

The benefits of acupuncture are due to its ability to stimulate the release of natural opioids in the body. Unlike medications, this therapy works on long term. If you’re struggling with low back pain, contact an acupuncturist. After assessing your symptoms, he or she will create an individualized plan that fits your needs.

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