vThere is a lot of misinformation right now concerning Covid-19. Including tons of conspiracy theories & doctors who disagree with the common narrative. This post is in reference to the Youtube Plandemic movie, which is a 26 minute interview with a doctor. Its captivating and keeps getting censored and removed by YouTube & Facebook. Let’s discuss why.

* This post in no way constitutes medical advice and is only the express views of the author. Always consult your physician before making any decisions.

To believe or not believe the hype? That is the question.

Probably Both. First, keep in mind its being promoted by the producers as a “MOVIE”, NOT a documentary. Also being used to promote book sales. So clear financial motivation and conflict of interest. Doesn’t make it all wrong though.



Is it plausible that a whistle blower would be defamed and framed? Absolutely. Happened many times in reality.
Is she telling the Truth? Maybe yes, maybe no. No proof and no way to verify.
Do most major corporations put profit over people? Not exactly, they put their shareholders first. So yes, 100%.
Is it true that our medical system does a terrible job with preventative care and millions are suffering due to lack of education that doctors should be providing or at least referring to someone who can? DEFINITE YES.
Is it true that vaccines have have helped save millions of lives and are mostly effective and mostly safe? YES
Is it true that they have a small and rare amount of injuries? YES
Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Data suggests yes
Can we trust the data? Yes.
Should we get vaccinated? You should follow your doctors advice after doing your own research. Ask questions and verify the facts. But small pox, polio, tetanus, Hep B, measles etc have almost been eradicated due to vaccines. That’s a good thing!
Should they be mandatory?  As safe as they are, we think its a basic human right not to force a medical procedure on someone against their will. It’s not legal for any other medical procedures or treatments.
What about Fauci? No idea. No actual proof presented. Mostly hearsay and some of it was already debunked.
What about Bill Gates? Same as Fauci. Smells fishy, but mostly of these conspiracies are only theories. Is he a cut throat business man, yes. Is he a humanitarian, yes. Is he the anti-christ? Bit silly. Even if we don’t agree, he’s trying what he believes is best (and possibly profitable).
Should he be making policy and running our lives? Not unless he’s elected to office by a majority.
What about 5G? Lots of misinformation. Is it possible that its dangerous? For sure. Is it likely? Probably not.
Should I trust the news media? Read between the lines. Even if they mean well, its often tainted by marketing agencies and political affiliation. Right wing, left wing, it’s all bits of truth mixed with a ton of fear mongering and plenty of rubbish.
What about all these Doctors on Youtube being censored? Same as the news but even less credible. Some truth, lots of BS. Freedom of speech should be respected though. (unless they call for violence).
Should we trust the government?  Both parties have pros and cons. It’s our responsibility to keep them honest and we’ve been failing.

Should we trust the Doctors? Most of them are very good people with good and bad information, doing their best. Small percentage of them are monsters. They are people and are often wrong just like the rest of us. Keep in mind, medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in hospitalizations in the US. Some studies estimate only 10% of medical errors are even reported. You do the math on that.


AND nurses are the most undervalued people in society. They do the majority of the work, are at the greatest risk and take $#@& from everyone. The executives, drs and shareholders need to take a paycut and pay them more. Its a disgrace how we treat them. If you interact with hospital staff for any reason in your life, please show them some much deserved respect.
What can we do about it? Be proactive! Stop making excuses. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Participate in politics. Call and write your officials with your thoughts. Meet them. Don’t give up! Be aggressive in your follow up. Run for office. Never agree to any procedure without a 2nd and 3rd opinion. Question your doctors respectfully. If they are rude about it, fire them!
And most importantly, stay positive and treat each other with respect. We don’t agree with many of my friends and family, but I stay civil and love them just the same.

Stay Safe & Stay Blessed,
Dr. Jonathan M. Fields AP, DOM
Coral Springs Acupuncturist



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